JPS Industries, Inc.

Welcome to JPS Industries, Inc.

JPS Industries, Inc. is the parent company of two operating subsidiaries, JPS Composite Materials and Stevens Urethane.  JPS is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.


Through its subsidiaries, JPS is a major U.S. manufacturer of extruded urethanes, ethylene vinyl acetates and mechanically formed glass and aramid substrate materials for specialty applications in a wide expanse of markets requiring highly engineered components. 


JPS's products are used in a wide range of applications including: printed electronic circuit boards; advanced composite materials; civilian and military aerospace components; filtration and insulation products; specialty commercial construction substrates; high performance glass laminates for security and transportation applications; photovoltaic solar modules; paint protection films; plasma display screens; medical, automotive and industrial components; and soft body armor for civilian and military applications. 








Aerospace                         Defense                           Infrastructure

   Ÿ  Civilian aircraft             Ÿ  Radar/Radomes                    Ÿ  Cement manufacturing

   Ÿ  Military aircraft            Ÿ  Satellites                               Ÿ  Industrial reinforcements

   Ÿ  Space craft                          Military                                                                   



Commercial and Industrial         Electrical                              Medical

Construction                       Ÿ  Printed circuit boards             Ÿ  Diagnostic instruments

   Ÿ  EIFS                             Ÿ  Electronics                           Ÿ  Hospital bed components

   Ÿ  Industrial insulation         Ÿ  Internet infrastructure           Ÿ  Drug/Fluid delivery    systems          


                                                                                           Security and Safety

Consumer                               Energy                                 Ÿ  Soft body armor

   Ÿ  Recreational products    Ÿ  Photovoltaic solar modules                   -  Civilian

      -  Boats/kayaks              Ÿ  Oil and gas pipelines                           -  Military

      -  Surf boards                 Ÿ  Utilities                                  Ÿ  Armored vehicles

      -  Skis                            Ÿ  Wind energy                                        - Military

   Ÿ  Electronics                                                                     Ÿ  Security Glass

      -  Cell phones                 Industrial                                   -  Transportation vehicles

      -  Computers                  Ÿ  Paint protection films               - Commercial, correctional

                                           Ÿ  Automotive components                 financial, educational